Access to your home: Do contractors need access to your home? We can be there!

Arrival Preparation: We will prepare your home in advance for yourself or your guests. We will make sure that your pantries and fridge are well stocked, set the thermostat, supply fresh flowers, have a fire going and anything else you may need.

Bar Stocking & Liquor Delivery

Errands: For all those tedious little errands you never seem to have time for we can do them for you!

Grocery Shopping: Just let us know what groceries you require and we will do the shopping and deliver them to your home.

Home Maintenance: Whether it is as small as hanging a new door, a fresh coat of paint or a major renovation we have experienced contractors and handymen for the job. We will arrange and oversee, making sure the job is done quickly and correctly!

Meet & Greet: Your guests will be met by us on the appropriate date handing over the keys to them and making sure that they have everything they need !

Recycle pickup: We will pick up all your recycable items, divide them into their proper categories and then dispose of them at the recycling depots.

Snow Removal: We will clean your walkway, sidewalk and steps.

Wait Service:  For service personnel like cable and phone repair

If you dont see something you require help with please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.
Concierge Services
For any questions about our concierge services please contact us or call us at 403 678 7816 and we will be happy to assist you.
Thank you 
Three Sisters Cleaning & Concierge!